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       Our company is engaged in product development of lamps and lanterns、To develop、Production enterprises, Has a group with rich experience in engineering and technical personnel and managers Only,After years of unremitting efforts,Enterprise has formed the outdoor road Beacon、Special lamps and lanterns and so on several major categories、Dozens of series products。Production The products are sold to more than 20 provinces and cities,A number of large project in in our country Amount to use。The company has perfect manufacturing capacity and the development of new products Force,Strict management system。


       Our service tenet:Continue to create the most The high quality service


       Thank you for your choice of lu lighting,Every fall in love of cooperation is a new experience and challenges,Let's start from communication our pleasant cooperation!

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Suqian da lu lighting engineering co., LTD,Specialize in Road lightsLandscape lampGarden light And so on,Please consult our interested customers,Contact phone number:15162908808

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