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Existing 【8908】The landlord will provide the inspiration to decorate

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Designer team

Liu Hongxin
Liu Hongxin

Senior designer/20Years of above

Design concept
Observe life by heart,Feel the life is all about,To make the life and the design interaction。...

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Wang Chengbin
Wang Chengbin

Designer/10Years of above

Design concept
Design = Life . Create your future life . Leave the design in the future...

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Design concept
Design is a kind of pursuit of the perfect life attitude,Design is a kind of pursuit of taste life concept...

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The decoration information

1.Ya ju file case name:Hong city case door model:Three rooms two hall Meter T:Wang Chengbin case style:Contracted style engineering area:120Square meters rendering
  • 【Huainan yuan continent decoration】Different styles of decoration ,Which one would you like?
  • 【Yuan continent】Implicit contracted wind will give you the comfort of the mind
  • 【Yuan continent】Contemporary and contracted,Beautiful and concise atmospheric
  • 【Yuan continent】American decoration,Has a lot of literature and art

【Yuan continent】Implicit contracted wind will give you the comfort of the mind

       This case is simple,Contracted originated from modern minimalist。 Someone says from modernist master,The German Bauhaus school's third principal mizpah。

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