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Drum line is in the form of drum:Double chain wheel conical roller,OType slot conical roller,Ordinary conical roller。Barrel length is commonly500~1200mm。
Cylinder barrel:Galvanized、Chrome plated、Stainless steel、PVCMaterial, etc。
Conveyor speed is commonly10~30M/min;
Also known as the assembly line,One way to industrial production,Refers to each production unit only focus on a certain segment of work process,In order to improve the work efficiency and production;According to the pipeline transportation mode can be divided into:Belt assembly line、Plate chain line、Times the speed chain、Plug-in line、Mesh belt line、Suspension line and drum line the seven classes。
Assembly line line body can be divided into a top with lighting fan type sample assembly line assembly line two with no top patterns, Each station are equipped with air supply line body section head、Lines running speed can be adjusted depending on the degree of skilled workers to operate。According to the configuration options,Realize the manual assembly or semi-automatic assembly。In the mass production of the enterprise is indispensable。
Bilateral line also called or belt conveyor belt conveyor,Is composed of rhythmic assembly line indispensable economic logistics transportation equipment。Belt conveyor according to their ability can be divided into heavy belt conveyor such as mine bilateral assembly line,Light belt conveyor such as used in electronic plastic,Food and light industry,Chemical pharmaceutical and other industries。

The foreign trade:India Vietnam Malaysia Mongolia In Indonesia Laos Japan......
Sale in domestic market:Guangdong Sichuan province Hainan Hubei Shaanxi Fujian Zhejiang Shanghai Shaanxi Jiangsu In jiangxi province Henan Taiwan In hunan province Hubei Zhejiang(Has already radiation area of China)

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01Excellent quality
Material procurement are carefully through all products of the company,Plus staff skilled craftsmanship,Provide high quality products for you

Custom product material choose suitable material accessories,By professional skilled employees according to the demand again

Sold by lines refurbished equipment is after many debugging to normal use,Electronic parts refurbished replacement of equipment

02High quality
Factory direct sale,Primary source,In the middle0Link,The same quality

Customization required reserves,Products sell well in domestic various regions

03Spot variety
Companies of various types of equipment spot enough can immediately shipment order to avoid affect your production

Warehouse stock variety convenient one-stop shopping save equipment procurement time production enterprises

04Good reputation
Has won many production companies and many well-known enterprises in bulk purchasing

Warehouse stock variety convenient one-stop shopping save equipment procurement time production enterprises

05Quality product customization service
Many companies choose long ChengDa customization production equipment at home and abroad!

After all day24Hours of free online answer for you

Free door-to-door service in shenzhen area,Other parts of the implementation of paid installation services

For more than ten years of production technology and skilled workers can produce for you is suitable for your production equipment!

Many domestic and foreign enterprises to select our custom suits your product production equipment,Satisfied with our service!

06The entire solution Our products have obtained in the industry

From the renovation to the installation and maintenance and after-sale comprehensive quality services

Long ChengDa-Production enterprise preferred
The production line,Assembly line equipment and reliable supplier

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Shenzhen mayor ChengDa electronic equipment co., LTD. Is located in baoan Le bamboo Angle village yi fortis industrial park(Navigation:Baoan grace fortis industrial park) ,Plant area1000Square meters,Is a production and trade Combined with the manufacturers,In addition to independent research and development production of various assembly line,Also has a lot of equipment,All the equipment package Renovation、Installation and debugging、Warranty and a dragon according to customer requirements Quality service。 Company's main:.....

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